Foksal Apartment

Location Warsaw
Year 2021
Area 77m²

Our new apartment project is located inside the historic Foksal 13/15 tenement house - a luxury oasis in the heart of Warsaw. The building was designed at the end of the XIXth century by Artur Otton Spitzbarth. Referring to its golden years of architectural glory, we’ve imagined an interior combining contemporary elements with elaborate, Belle Epoque details.

Original moldings and oak floors were recreated, balancing ornamental elements with natural materials such marble,  quartzite and brushed brass. A large number of furnishings were custom made for the client, keeping in line with the apartment's character - a luxurious stop in between many travels.

Soft colors are lit up with decorative light fixtures and a fresh dose of natural light, coming in through white wooden windows. Brass accessories accentuate the sophisticated atmosphere of the interior, muted down with omnipresent white. The project is now being fully implemented under ID Studio’s close supervision.