Nova Krolikarnia Semi-detached house

Location Warsaw
Year 2020
Area 190m²

The design of this three-storey family house located in Warsaw’ most recent investment - Krolikarnia - is a space of functionality, harmony and serenity. A project that serves its habitants - the pace of their lives and their frame of mind.

Spacious, bright living room is swamped in the colors of grey and wood, contrasted with a bold orange shade of the sofa and a black coffee table. A tall, glass cabinet separates it from the hall laid out with wooden wall panels. They also cover a distinctive system of shelving featuring uniform, geometrical handles.

The kitchen opens directly towards the dining room - a smooth interaction. Sea green, white marble and oak veneer create a compact whole, furnished according to our original project. A long table, comfortable, upholstered chairs and a modern chandelier mark the central point of the house that at the same time blends in with the natural, contemporary character of the space, complemented with the greenery outside.