Fort Czerniakowski Apartment

Location Mokotow
Year 2017-2019
Area 250m²

New apartment right next to Fort Czerniakowski is a raw space where the minimalist decor was lit up with diverse surfaces. Made of natural wood, stone and glass, they create a smooth interior full of inner glow. A big, bright living room is both modern and bold in its simplicity. Minimalist furniture by ID Studio was contrasted with Le Corbusier designs. The common space was connected with a small, open library. The kitchen drowns in muted shades of grey and black that highlight the natural light coming in through large windows. It also performs the function of a dining room with a wooden table at its centre. Soft palette continues in the wide hall laid out with wooden wall panels. They also offer a considerable wardrobe space. Harmonious bedroom presents itself in full glory due to ultra-minimalist details. Pure white walls, wooden floors and simple pieces of furniture create a serene, balanced landscape. It is ultimately celebrated inside the stone bathroom, framed into a geometrical, sharp frame.