Foksal 13/15 Apartment

Location Warsaw | Śródmieście
Year 2020
Area 90m²

The project of this pre-war apartment, located in the heart of Warsaw in a XIXth century tenement house, reinterprets heritage. We aimed to emphasize the decorative character of the space with modern accents. An open kitchen, designed by us, was combined with a living room, creating a creamy, naturally lit interior where a big dining table was complemented with a heavy marble console, minimalist chairs and contemporary lighting. Original wall moldings and wooden floor coffer were also recreated. In the bedroom, the wall was adorned with a floral wallpaper featuring a pattern by William Morris. A built-in, elegant shelf, inspired by palaces’ windows, marks a unique alternative to furniture. The adjacent, bright bathroom is a mix of bold textures – from marble and tiles through glass to brass accessories.